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LifeTrust has designed its line of credit to provide a viable financial option for those dealing with the financial challenges brought on while living with cancer.

Many of the advantages and benefits of the line of credit are:

  • Your credit report and credit rating are not a consideration for a LifeTrust line of credit.
  • Your employment status is not required to be eligible.
  • There is no application fee or obligation to determine your eligibility.
  • There are no additional medical exams required. Your eligibility is determined on a qualifying medical profile and life insurance policy.
  • You never have to worry about monthly payments.
  • There are no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • You are under no obligation until you draw funds from your LifeTrust line of credit.
  • You decide the best way to use your funds. Accessing your line of credit is tailored to meet your needs. Draw the funds, as you need them, in a lump sum or in increments.
  • There is no personal liability for you or your family to repay the line of credit. The line of credit, including principal, interest, origination fee, premiums, and fees are repaid in full when the policy matures.
  • Any remaining funds, beyond repayment of the line of credit, will be paid to whomever you designate to receive them.
  • Your line of credit is considered loan proceeds, and is not generally taxable.
  • Normally, eligibility for state and federal financial assistance programs are not jeopardized by the line of credit.
  • Your life insurance policy will not be at risk. The policy remains intact and we pay the premiums from your line of credit account.
  • You may qualify for up to 75% of the face value of your life insurance policy.
  • Additional funds may be available to you upon re-evaluation, if your illness progresses more rapidly than projected.