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Premium Monitoring

  • Monitor cash account values, cash surrender values, and upcoming premiums.
  • Provide option of making premium payments through client dedicated account or Torrey Pines will track and confirm that premium payment was received and applied with carrier.
  • Show expected cash flows necessary for premium maintenance for both individual policies and portfolio as a whole.
  • All information received from carriers will be emailed for records.
  • Create graphical charts for marketing or reporting purposes.

Insured Monitoring

  • Monitor mortality on a quarterly basis, or what is allowable under state law, either through direct contact or through one of the designated contacts.

Update Medical Records

  • Retrieve updated HIPAA (if necessary).
  • Obtain updated medical records.

Update Life Expectancy

  • Obtain LE reports.

Submit Death Claim

  • Sweep Social Security Death Index.
  • Notify owner of insured's death.
  • Obtain copy of Death Certificate.
  • Provide owner with Death Beneficiary Claim forms and follow-up the claim submission with insurance carrier.