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LifeTrust receives policies through a network of over fifty policy brokerage companies located throughout the United States. All brokerage firms must fill out a due diligence questionnaire and provide a copy of their anti-fraud and privacy policies as well as produce copies of their state licenses. LifeTrust only buys policies on the lives of United States residents issued by United States insurance companies with a rating of “A” or better.

LifeTrust believes the best way to create a sustainable life settlement portfolio is to purchase policies in the open market through a broker from the original policy owners. This allows LifeTrust to perform the proper due diligence, ensuring that policies were issued with the appropriate insurable interest and that there have not been any intervening policy transfers or financing.

Diversification is as imperative to the success of a life settlement portfolio as it is to most everyother type of investment portfolio. LifeTrust has extensive experience implementing well diversified life settlement portfolios with regard to factors such as policy face amount,insurance carrier, gender, age, life expectancy, and health impairment.